MSVU billboard ad

MSVU billboard ad

Last week I was driving down Barrington Street when I came across this Billboard. It initially caught my attention because as a Mount Saint Vincent student I always notice these ads. I saw the three men on the cover and was surprised when I read what it was for, celebrating remarkable women. Later on that day I caught myself continuously thinking about the ad and wondering what it was all about.

The billboard advertisement has been getting some backlash on social media. For example one of the tweets that I came across said, “Let’s support women by having bigwig male leaders on our billboards. #not”

I love the Mount and I think the ad and the overall campaign has great intentions, but initially when I saw the ad I thought it was very strange. I couldn’t help but wonder why there aren’t any women on the billboard. I think it’s great to see men supporting women, but I questioned how they didn’t forecast the negative feedback they’d be getting for not having any women on the billboard.

As we’ve learned this semester, sometimes shocking images will work and sometimes they wont. I don’t know if it was the most effective ad as it seems to have had mixed reviews. But like I said I continuously found myself thinking about the billboard that day. This led me to do a bit of research and that’s when I realized that maybe that’s what their intentions were when they designed the ad. Perhaps, generating discussion was part of their communication strategy and they were hoping people would do exactly what I did, which was to do their homework and find out more about the campaign.

I’m still unsure of where I stand with this billboard ad. What do you think about it, strategic or injudicious?


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