Dove Evolution

Dove Evolution

When is Photoshop too much? When will the real images be shown? Probably never. After seeing this video when Dove first launched this campaign I was amazed. I mean, we all know that what we see in magazine isn’t the real side of people or the real image of people but do we realize what is actually put into it or what it actually done to a picture before it is put in a magazine, on a billboard or even a person on TV. This is really the same Photoshop we do in class but you can do similar things to your own picture on Photoshop.

What do they really look like? Most magazines or billboard create this unrealistic image of what models or any famous person looks like. Most of us “regular people” aim to look like these models, but what we are trying to do is impossible because unless you get a professional make-up and hair artist, a create camera and the best Photoshop program around, you won’t look even close. And that’s just in a picture. You can’t be photoshoped in real life can you?

To think that this is how far we have come with technology that we are now able to change our appearance completely on a computer program. How is that even possible? I have seen it done in this video and I have seen it done by photographers in real life. So is this our perception of reality or do we see right through it?

Watch the video here if you haven’t seen it

Alexandra McNab


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