It’s All in the Title!

Okay, so maybe not -all- of it is in the title, but the placing of one such thing and how it is stylized can be a major influence on the visual construction of an image.

If there is one thing I think I have learned from this degree as well as this class, it was that not only does a title matter… but it is also how you present it. Looking at things such as font, accents, and colour, the point of this entry is to show that with a little imagination you can shift focus, add dimension, and most of all… just make it look cool and awesome! For my examples, I will use some of my favourite album covers!

First up is, well… the artist is on there and that is enough! As you can Utada_mainsee, the colours are mostly dark with a golden tinge with horizontal lines spanning into the subjects face. However, the title is in a simple white front and lines have been inserted to accent the title of the album… interestingly enough, vertical lines against the horizontal lines. The position of the title is also significant as it was placed over the subject to better close in the image.

Next up, is something that follows on the dark tone but manages to bring in a bit more colour. Despite the blinding solar eclipse happening in the Namieuncontrolledbackground, this singer manages to shine through along with the title. Interestingly enough, the font and colour chosen seem to be trying to mimic her wind-blown hair. Stylized in a broken cursive font, the curves are further accentuated with the title been bent along the curve of the moon. The only issue with this cover however is that the title bends -too- well. The colour fits very nicely with the singer’s hair, which is a bit of a problem as it melts into the longer sections. I think if they had brought it down a bit, the effect could have been kept but wouldn’t blur into the hair but that is just me. Now, our next and final example is the perfect blend of colour and focus to end this post on!

UNLOCKED-RegularTaking a look at this cover, not only do the solids elements really bring out the subject of the photo, but the positioning of the text draws attention as well. The text frames the subject, which draws the eyes and the text itself is white to bounce the solid colours presented. The front is a rigid style with lines cutting through at parallel angles to break it up so the strong boldness doesn’t take over the image.

So, to conclude; titles matter! They accent photos, they frame photos and above all… they can often be what pulls the eye of a client or a passer-by. Never under estimated the power of a good, strong title presented in an even stronger, visual way. Remember, it’s all about getting noticed!

– Stephen Andrews


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