I love animals and I love searching and finding awesome pictures of animals like this one. I came across this picture of a black panther and thought it was a great shot.

Whoever the photographer of this photo was is clearly very brave to get a photo so up close, even though I’m sure it is zoomed in a fair bit as well.

This photo is a great example of the rule of thirds. It is not a perfect example of the rule of thirds, but it still works and is a beautiful shot. If I were to draw the two vertical and two horizontal lines on this photo the main focus would be the Black Panther’s bright blue eye.

This photo is definitely very powerful and interesting to look at. I don’t think it would look as interesting if the photo was taken of the Black Panther’s full face. The fact that only the left side of his face was included in this shot straight on makes it much more visually appealing and interesting.

The diagonal rule also works in this photo. If you were to draw a diagonal line from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner, the bright blue eye would be along that line. If the eye was just a little bit lower in this photo then it might be a perfect example of the rule of thirds, but overall this is still a very intriguing and beautiful shot.

– Maddison Wilson


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