Just an Apple?

How can something so simple be so effective? Apple is a massive company who has a white apple as its logo. No words. Just an apple.

So, why has it worked? This apple represents something. It represents a brand. That brand has a reputation, and a great one at that.

This simple logo has semiotics behind it. It represents everything apple stands for: innovation, quality, and any other feelings people could conjugate about the company.

The power of a brand can be intense. Simple by hearing the word “Apple,” seeing the logo, or even seeing the white of its product consumers are overcome with interpretations. Those interpretations could be positive or negative and are learned through hundreds of different mediums/situations.

This all occurs through semiotics. The signified ideas that a signifier created.

An apple means more than an apple now.

An apple means every possible concept the human race has about the company. Wow. Amazing when you really consider it.

So, how can something so simple be so effective? The answer is simple: it is not an apple anymore. It is an idea disguised in a visual setting.


–          Chris


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