Laugh it up Halifax!

74861_440912079284190_722114159_n (1)

Laugh It Up is a local business providing fun photo booth services. It is owned and operated by a friend of mine and he is very talented. As a relatively new business in the HRM he’s been doing a lot of social media advertising.

Today I came across this ad and I thought it would be worthy of a post because it’s very well done. When I first saw it, my eye was immediately drawn to the logo. It’s clever to have the theater masks with the company name in bold and bright colors. To me, this is very eye catching and it makes me want to read on. This is a clear example of brand personality; it’s fun, vibrant and happy. All things that are necessary for photo booth services.

He shied away from using the classic white on black and went for more of a baby blue, a nice and cool color that leaves you feeling calm and relaxed. Just another important piece that is important for photo booth success. It’s meant to be fun, upbeat and silly.

When I first saw the ad, I noticed the price immediately. And generally for high end services, price would come at the end. The classic sales tip is to never lead with price but the way he has it displayed works. It’s in a bright yellow circle that resembles a sale tag. The ‘only’ part is very important here because it appears that we as consumers are getting a deal!

If you ever need any photo booth services for your wedding, birthday or any other event please visit!

– SP



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