Photoshop Fails


I’m sure that pretty much anyone who uses the internet daily has at one time or another come across a picture that has had some horrible Photoshop work done to it.  It seems like a pretty common thing to see these days and sometimes it is hard to tell if the person who made it purposely made it extremely obvious that the picture had been edited. Some of the pictures I have come across are so poorly done that they are almost sad.

Of course there are picture that people purposely edit to make themselves look different in pictures. They do things such as make their muscles appear larger, trim down excess body fat, or tan themselves. But often in pictures such as these they will not notice the other items in the image, usually in the background, which have also been transformed in one way or another. Now some of these are honest mistakes and the person editing the photo just doesn’t notice, but in photos like the one I have included with my post, it’s hard to imagine what they were thinking.

I know everyone has seen these photos at one point or another and it really is quite entertaining. I think that it would probably be beneficial for many of the creators of these pictures to take a class and actually learn how to use Photoshop. 


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