Victoria Secret is starting to be known for their awful photo shopping



In the past couple of years, Victoria Secret has come under fire for their awful photo shop blunders. If you Google “Victoria Secret Photo Shop Fails” a lot of results will come back! The pictures I’ve shown above have been some of the worst and had been posted on their website, but eventually taken down.

The top image shows a lady holding a non-existent purse purse, and the bottom image shows a lady without an arm! How does this happen? Personally I think its all about timing. I think with the numerous products Victoria Secret sells, they want to feature it on the website as fast as possible. Maybe the purse that should have been there was not created by the brand, so instead of properly taking it out, they erased it but forgot to go back and touch it up.

Regarding the arm, now that is just crazy!I think Victoria Secret wants to make their models look as beautiful, skinny and fit as possible. Maybe they thought taking off her arm would make her appear thinner. However it could have also just been a complete mistake and someone forgot they had taken it out.

Solution, Victoria Secret either needs to hire a new photo shop team, or make sure to proof their work before submitting it on to the site! 


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