As we learn more and visually become better at picking apart layouts of various mediums and bad design elements the more interested I become in learning how to create good design projects. I decided to show my creative audit piece again from class and try and explain the choices I made.

Ballam has a goal and the goal is to make clients life easier by providing personal coverage for each situation and each client. This may seem simple but is very important and is very time consuming. The only thing that should be simple is the clients finding the information they want to know quickly and efficiently. Their website I thought was great! Not to many tabs not to much information in one spot they definitely put time and effort into the creative aspect of their website. The only changes that I made were to change the color scheme to keep it consistent with the letterhead they send out to clients and to incorporate the blue in the shield with the blue in the main header.

The subheadings and format of the website were excellent and I did not change that except for the color so it flowed properly throughout the whole page. The white space could have been condensed throughout the bottom of their webpage but this could easily have been changed.

The website was clear and concise as well had personal touches including staff member’s photos so that clients could get to know who they were dealing with. This website only needed a few tweaks then would be perfect! I had a lot of fun adapting their website and business cards and am hoping they will apply these changes at some point in time!




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