Husky friends

Husky friends

I thought this photo was adorable. As you can easily tell from many of my other posts, I love animals. Whenever I come across pictures of animals such as these two huskies, I always have to stop to analyze it. This photo sort of tells a story, as many people say “a picture says one thousand words.” By just looking at this photo you can tell that the photographer captured a great moment with these two pups being friendly.

This photo includes a great use of contrast, focus, and it is monochromatic. The contrast between the black, white and shades of gray brings great exposure and brightness to the overall photo. The snow makes the photo very bright and light, which makes the grays and blacks on the huskies really stand out.

I really liked the focus on the huskies in this photo. The blurred out tree branches in the background put great focus on the huskies which I thought made the photo look very professional. I thought this photo was the best example of good monochromatic use. The blacks and grays are very contrasted and differentiated in a crisp way from the white in this photo which makes it look very clear.

Something I’ve learned is that if your viewers can easily tell what the main focus was meant to be when you took a photo, and if they understand the scene you tried to capture or create, then it was a job well done by the photographer and/or editor. Clearly the photographer knew what he/she was doing, and I really enjoy this photo.

– Maddison Wilson


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