Leave it to a pro



Now we all know three are some bad websites out there, this has been made clear after watching our classmates present their creative audits. Seeing professional businesses present their company online in the way that they do seems odd to us who now understand how simple changes can make a huge impact. The simple and effective tool a business can us is quality. If a new client views a quality website it can make a world of a difference in how they view them as a whole. Visual appeal is simply important. The eye naturally leans toward visual elements that are easy and simple to read, view and understand. These are the simple mistakes that I can see in this website design.

 As you can see I needed multiple pictures just to show the entire FIRST webpage. This is a never ending website the main page needs to fit the computer screen without having to scroll down. That is problem number one.

Problem number two would be what I like to call “garbly goop”. Words, words, words and more words is what is on this page. I know for myself I would rather find another stable to ride at then try and have to decipher this website to try and find the necessary information needed.

Problem number three would be simply the color and pictures; it is not inviting or fun looking to me. I know as a child if I was going to riding lessons I would want to see lots of pictures of the facility and the horses that actually are there.

Last but not least the fonts I counted nine font choices and I’m sure there is more. On the main page there should not be a lot of information to begin with but if you are deciding to put a lot on, try and at least stay consistent. This draws the eye in every direction and its hard to decided what is of most importance.

 All of the content needs to be listed or at least have bullets and main headers to separate the information for the client. So in this case I would save the website for the pros and the riding to the instructors not the website.



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