Picture is Worth 1000 Words

 photo gv1.jpg

A picture is worth a thousand words. A saying we have all heard numerous times throughout our lives. I’m going to deconstruct this picture but the phrase applies to everything we have learned in this course. The principles you apply to any visual creation will speak volumes about the context, credibility and mission of the organization.

This is a representation of the statue of liberty in the United States.

What does the statue stand for? The United States as a whole. Great, now what’s next? Well, currently the United States is going through a rough time economically. There’s some context. How does that tie into the photo though? We can now use our natural understanding of emotions to draw conclusions. Her hands to her face bring two specific emotions to mind.

Sorrow and shame.

It could could either way. Could this represent that people are ashamed of what the United States is currently involved in? Or could it represent how sorry people feel for its situation?

This is the beauty of a photo. It’s open for interpretation. It stirs up emotions in people. The artist could have simply written: “I’m ashamed/sorrowful for America. But who would have cared?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Impressions can last forever.

– Chris


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