Super-duper, easy-peasy, zit-zapping photoshop tutorial

So, I know a lot of us have to struggle with the odd outbreak of acne here and there. There’s nothing worse than going for a picture and ending up having a big ol red sumo-pimple on your face. Well, I learned pretty quickly how to remedy this with Photoshop and I thought I would take the time to give you a little tutorial on how to do so.


I quickly learned this method of zit-removal/cover-up, whatever you’d like to call it, as I struggled with some acne through the years. For the purpose of this tutorial, I took a photo of myself where I clearly have a zit problem that has made it’s appearance in the past few days. I will now show you how to rid this from your face! Or wherever it may be.


To start, open up your image in Photoshop.


Now, for the super-duper easy zit-fixing tool, or better known as the clone stamp tool. On the tools panel, click clone stamp tool or more simply, press “s” on your keyboard.


With the tool selected, make the brush size appropriate for the zit on your face. Now, for the tricky part. Move your curser to a part of your face near the zit that is clear skin. For my purpose, I’m going to use just above my zit. Now, press and hold the OPTION key on the mac, or ALT key on PC and you’ll see a little + show up inside the brush. Click on that clean and clear space on your face then let go of the button. The space that you click on will be where the brush “clones” from. Now, for the magic. Start brushing over your zit, and voila, it will be gone!!


Hint: you may need to play around with different clear spots on your face to make the skin match the tone you want, but the end result is pretty realistic.

Believe it or not, this is what I did to all my high school grad photos. There was a zit that showed up the day before, and I made sure it was gone before printing!

Anyway, just a fun/quick tutorial.

That’s all for now! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! It’s super easy!! 😀





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