This is Just Wrong!

This is Just Wrong!

It’s amazing to think how much times have changed. This isn’t an ad that we would ever see today. This is a good example of an unethical advertisement that is taking advantage of their consumers. Marketing and advertising always finds ways to attract their consumers, some being more ethical than others. But in my opinion, this ad goes a too far by using a baby to promote a product that we all know is unhealthy.

Even though they have a baby in the ad, their target audience is parents. Every good parent wants to do whatever they can do make their children happy and healthy and I’m sure during this time era, parents might not of necessarily know how terrible pop is for people let alone babies.

As we’ve talked about in previous classes, advertisements typically use “attractive” babies, or people in general to sell their products. This is one of the design elements that they most likely strategically used for this image.

Aside from the baby, they did use some strategic design elements in their ad as well. For example it’s monochromatic. They use black and white through the image, except for the colour green to highlight the 7up and make it stand out.

Most of their font is in black, but they use green to highlight “does it” in “Nothing does it like Seven-Up!” I think it probably would have been more affective to highlight “Seven-Up” instead because I would assume that’s what they want their audience to remember.

The photo uses the rule of thirds and contrast between font sizes. I found it interesting that they made the smaller text, so small that it was difficult to read. That seems slightly suspicious to me!

What this advertisement represents is wrong in many ways. However, their use of design probably made this crazy image actually sell their product.


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