photoI found this photo on Pinterest while I was browsing through the Photography section. I generally look for unique photos that I could re-make with my friends. This picture caught my eye for two reasons. One, because it looked like a neat photo or painting and two, because I was not sure what it was. Even after looking at the picture for about 5 minutes, It still looks like a painting. This picture gives off kind of a confusing appeal. We know it is a shadow of a person on a raining street. Is it a male or female? Is it day or night? Where are they walking?

The angle of this photo is I think the main confusing factor. Because it is taken from a further distance and from below. But this photo is rotated, it is upside down so it makes the shadow image look like it is the actual image in the photo. Not until you look close do you realize that the small opposite image at the bottom is the actual person, which I believe is a man.

To analyze this photo further, I actually turned the picture around. This is not the way it was meant to be viewed but it helped locate certain design aspects. A main aspect that they focused on is the rule of thirds. He is walking on the side of the road. Once I turned it around, the person actually appeared to be walking into the light, it looks like day time. Before I turned it around, I thought it was night time.

It’s crazy what angles and rotations can do.

-Alexandra McNab


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