Grand Day

I thought I would re-look at the poster I made for Cobequid and explain how I had came up with the design.



I used Adobe photoshop cs6. First off the Grand Day logo had Cobequids logo on it so I had to cut  that out because I wanted to use Cobequids full logo at the top of the page.

To achieve the long orange rectangle, all I did was use the shape tool and made a simple rectangle and filled that in the with orange that is used on their website. I chose to have a long rectangle on the side to simulate the website and have that connection between the two pieces.

The only other colour I chose to use was the purpely blue font which i pulled from the Grand Day logo using the eye dropper tool, to insure I had a proper match. I didn’t want to have too much information on the poster because people probably wouldn’t look at it.

I was attempting to make it look youthful, so it would appeal to a younger demograhpic to inspire more youth volunteers signing up for the event. I think I achieved this well, only think I wish I did differently would be to add slightly more colour and a little less text. Even though the text is plentyful or overwhelming. I feel that youth might be drawn to more bullet point information rather than chunks. Any thoughts?

-Emily L.


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