Latte art

I’ve been working in a coffee shop for longer than I care to admit. Like any job, there comes a point when you try to add variety into what you do. For me, that came with learning latte art. It’s an art in several ways. Of course, the obvious that involves drawing images on top of the latte but also in making the milk in such a way that allows you to do it in the first place is something that has become a skill I’ve yet to master. Although I have grown to realize that the humidity in the air does play a part in it. The rest is how the milk is steamed and most importantly, time. Once the milk is steamed, letting it sit for a few seconds allows the bubbles to pop and form microfoam, the key ingredient to making latte art.

Some of the things I’ve drawn on lattes have included things like trees, leaves, clovers, dogs, cats, monkeys, flowers and butterflies. For some reason, I’m not very good at coming up with things to draw on the spot so unless I have an image in front of me, I usually just go for something default, like this one:


But sometimes, I’ll google something on my iphone that I want to put on a latte and use the picture as a reference point. Such as this angry bird:

angry latte

Or this Psy Latte pairing:

psy latte

I also made this one: photolatte

…in photoshop. It’s the face of my co-worker who, of course, actually made it into a real latte:


Just a neat way to be creative at work and bring design into something you can drink!


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