MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.

When I first set out to do my Creative Audit and Designs for MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc., I had intended to give them a revamped home page for their website. However, the president of the company assured me that he was perfectly content with the website as is.

I’ve decided to use my recommendations for the home page as a blog post. I recommend that MPP find a different background for their website, make better use of their space, and make the options more defined.

My first concern is the hidious wood panelled background. It appears dark and dreary and makes other aspects of the page hard to notice. I would suggest using a background that is a light blue and makes use of white. This will make logos stand out more and shows MPP’s pride in its Nova Scotian roots.

I would also get rid of the “The Art of the Story” image in the middle of the page. It has little to do with the company and the space could be better used to promote products or the company culture.

I would lose the Publishing Workshop link as well. The workshops haven’t recently been offered and the link has become redundent.

For anyone wishing to check out MPP’s website, it can be found at:


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