I was looking at my Mom’s business card for Marks Work Wearhouse and realized how different it was from how I remembered their colour scheme was from when I was growing up. Over the past couple years Marks Work Wearhouse has done some revamping with their logo, and brand identity. These were all subtle changes that slowly happened, and when I found myself holding my Mom’s business card, it somehow sunk in.

Growing up I was always at my Mom’s store a lot, it had this tacky blue ceiling to attempt to cover the pipes above, but was also one of their “colours”. Throughout the changes in the last couple of years, Marks Work Wearhouse has changed to Marks. Their slogan Clothes That Work has changed to Smart Clothes. Everyday Living. Mark’s colours use to be orange and blue but now their main colours are bright orange and grey. Instead of having blue feature walls, they now have orange feature walls throughout many of the updated marks.Even the outside signs are changing on the newly re-done Marks. Instead of having blue and orange lettering with curvy font, their store signage now is white lettering with grey and orange accents.

Mark’s has a completely different look now, however I feel this represents the company better. It is a cutting edge and more up to date version of the company. I feel throughout alignment and colour contrasts that they have chosen, truly represents the core values of Mark’s.

-Emily Levy


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