Mirror’s Edge: Leading with Colour

2189_mirror_s_edge_23BAM! Right hook! Right in the jaw!

Okay, so, aside from the awesome concept art, guess what we’re going to talk about today!

No, no, not Japan again, I promise!


Just kidding, just kidding!!

Today, we’re back to talking about colour and more to the point; how a video game managed to base its entire concept around leading the player in a parkour environment with colour!!

Now, before we begin, I want you to do me a favour! See this image file right here? U+2193.svg

That’s right, right here —>Mirror__s_Edge_20_by_HDspring
I want you to click it! Go ahead, I’ll wait!

Now, once the image is loaded, just admire it! And we’re admiring, and we’re admiring… this, is Mirror’s Edge! Notice how for the most part, everything looks very white and very clean! Though, notice the coloured elements everywhere; that’s the contrast kicking in. I actually steers the eyes towards the colour because of the contrast to the white. Though, notice how the red is much ‘louder’ than the other colours… don’t worry, we’ll get to that. For now, some background info!


Rats! The Fuzz!

Set in a dystopian totalitarian society, this game follows Faith (as pictured); a runner. A runner is someone who delivers sensitive information to those who need it (for use against the government), but without getting seen by the cameras and officers that lurk below. The solution? Go over their head, literally!

As previously stated, this game follows parkour elements to allow you to complete your goals and it actually uses colours to direct your eye on where to go!Subway-1-mirrors-edge-2064597-799-450 Red is the main colour used as it stands out the best, but other colours such as nice oranges, yellows, greens and blues are used to guide the character in the right direction! In sort, you always know where to go because the colours -show- you the way because your eyes are attracted to said colours! Isn’t that awesome!

Here, I got a video to illustrate my point! Please watch, if not for the visual representation, bur for the amazing music!

Thanks for watching!

– Stephen


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