Vodka leads to phenomenal web design

Catchy headline, eh? I thought it was clever, haha.

After my rant on the gold sluicing website, I found a website that I absolutely fell in love with the design and I though that I would share it with you on this blog post.

This website that I’m looking at is for Grey Goose vodka, found at The elements of their website work very well together and they truly capture the viewers interest with the vibrant and vividly clear photography. The consistent typography used across the website works great, especially with capitalizing the font across the website. They did a great job at making important information pop my making the fond size significantly larger than the content.

The layout of the website was done cleverly, especially with how the scrolling works. When you scroll down the website you it goes through five vibrant images that really drive home what Grey Goose wants you to see. They’ve really hit all the points on the C.R.A.P. principles of design. They show contrast in a couple different places. The navigation bar, which was cleverly placed at the bottom of the page is much darker than the rest of the layout. Also, the images they show also so great deal of contrast and visual appeal. They’re repetitive with the font that they choose, as well as the images they are also using are repetitive in the nature that they’re vibrant, full of detail, and close-up. They also played with alignment, rather than having everything justified in one spot, they have text justified in different places. The layout overall is justified to the center, but the elements of the layout are justified in different places and tastefully done. Positioning, this entire layout is based on positioning and where they want your eye to go. They hit this principle spot on, I think!

Anyway, long story short, I think they did a phenomenal job designing this website. Great job Grey Goose!



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