Web Design Says a lot About a Company


Web design is definitely an under rated advertising tool for many companies. Many local businesses seem to creativity in this area and have very dull and uninteresting websites. The thing that a lot of businesses don’t realize about this is that it actually can reflect the business. I know that for my creative brief I took a look at Flagstone Business Interiors and their website. The company sells new furniture with all the most popular styles but by looking at their website you would have no idea. Actually someone might even think that they are no longer a business that’s how outdated the web layout appears.

Although many businesses do a horrible job at this many of the bigger companies, with higher budgets have incredible websites that really reflect their product and mission. The picture I have chosen is from the website of the car company Bugatti, and for anyone who doesn’t know Bugatti was the former creator of the fastest, stylish, and most innovative production car in the world. While looking through their site I could really see the innovation just through the layout they have. The front page is a picture of their newest addition to the Bugatti family and a list of all the other cars they build. After you click on any of the links it sends you to a page full of pictures that are in a slide show sort of format that really show the little details of the cars and actually how innovative and stylish they actually are.

Now back to Flagstone. At no point while searching through their website do you really even know the exact products they sell or all of the services they provide, whereas Bugatti had every little detail one would want to know before doing business with them except for the $2,250,000 price tag. So obviously budget is going to be big factor in how well the website is put together but that doesn’t mean it should be out dated and give a wrong impression, because at the end of the day it says a lot about it a company.



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