Which would you eat?


How appealing does this look? Maybe it isn’t if you’re a healthy person. The fast food industry does anything possible when it comes to selling their products. They will go to great lengths to promote their products to ensure the business gains and maintains consumers. It’s a tad unfortunate that when you order a burger, it never looks like it does in the ad.

It likely took hours of Photoshop and planning to get his photo looking print ready. As students, it’s important for us to be media literate and recognize when we are being misled due to marketing tactics. The designer made the burger look great by touching up the colors and rounding out the edges. It’s literally a perfect burger with minor imperfections.

The real versus fake image reminds me of doing our creative brief. It looks like someone took the real burger and re-worked it in Photoshop. The intended message is one to create brand and product consistency. Every store we go to, we should be able to order the same thing. Photoshop allows for the product to look appealing and visual in order to gain sales and consumerism.



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