Boston Pizza and the Panookie


So, a friend and I went to Boston Pizza a couple nights ago. Boston Pizza has recently redone their menu, and I think they have done a fabulous job. The imagery, typography, and colour choices all work together and create a great looking, visually appealing menu. I also noticed that they not only made their menus look fantastic, they also translated this look and feel to their stand-up cards on the tables.

This card here, I find was designed very well, and used all of the CRAP principles we’ve learned over the course of this semester. One thing they utilized well is the white space. In most cases I find, a lot of white space can end up being over-kill and make designs look washed out or hard to look at. I find, however, Boston Pizza cleverly used the excessive white space to work in their favour. They achieved a great looking table stand up card thing, and chose some catchy words with a catchy font. They hooked me! I ended up getting the Panookie.

When looking at the CRAP principles, they’ve hit all four. Contrast: you’ve got the white space, dark text, and crisp images to stand out from the background. Repetition: the same find is consistent across the card. Alignment: The elements of the card are aligned so that they eye can move easily across the card and see everything. Positioning: The text, cookie, and mug are cleverly placed, and if you use the rule of thirds, the text, cookie, and coffee mug are placed on the lines.

Anyway, just a well designed table card for you.



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