Good Advertising at its Finest


Advertising is used for two things, leaving a lasting impression on its audience and for sending a message to its target audience. I have chosen to analyze this advertising piece to see if they left a lasting impression on me and if they sent a message clearly to me as well. There are lots of advertisements that don’t do a good job and the reason you know this is you simply don’t remember them. Simple as that! If you don’t remember their advertisement or don’t relate the product or service to their advertisement they did not accomplish the task they need too. Now in the case of this advertisement the elements of good design are clearly displayed, the design is colorful but organized and is visually appealing. The words are bolded so that they stand out slightly compared to the background and draw the reader into the main message. The alignment is used in an interesting but organized fashion as well.  The advertisement des not have very much white space but I feel for this specific advertisement it was not needed. The overall color scheme works and uses proper contrast to give sustenance to the ad. The meaning is shown very clearly through out the advertisement; we know what they are trying to sell and how it is supposed to make us feel. It not only send a direct message it hold meaning behind it which gives us as the audience a feeling or emotion behind the product, so we almost feel connected. Now when deciding whether or not I should purchase their product I know I will relate it to this advertisement, so this is how I know they have accomplished good advertising for their product.


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