How images and colour influences your brand


In the past few months I have become more familiar with the jewellery company stella & dot. The business itself functions a lot like the makeup company Mary Kay. Sale associates receive products each month and can sell door-to-door or host parties with friends in order to sell some amazing pieces. I really love how the colour turquoise is used throughout their product line and promotional materials. It keeps their items looking consistant and well put together.


Here is an example of an ad that the company used on their website. Again the type face and colour scheme is consistant with the stella & dot brand. Clean, girly and well put together in my eyes. The jewellery itself sticks out from the calm background, and complementary colours are used throughout the advertisement. I also love the added pops of colour on the packaging, which makes the overall look even more fun.

Just looking at stella & dot’s promotional material like it’s website, advertisements and Facebook page makes me want to learn more about the company and the products that they sell. I am finding more often now when I ask people where they got their lovely jewellery, stella & dot is the answer! We have learned a lot this term about what works and doesn’t work when brands are trying to promote their business. I find stella & dot have created a brand that is consistant, girly, yet sophisticated all at the same time. ImageEmma Pace


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