InDesign Help? Have no fear it is here!

So for my co-op placement I wasn’t sure what exactly I would be using for programs so when I was learning InDesign I didn’t pay as close attention to details as I probably should have. Once I talked to the current co-op student I found out that they use InDesign on a frequent basis and make posters daily for different events and upcoming functions. This scared me at first until I started to look for mini practice websites and tutorials so I could prepare myself before starting in a few weeks. This is what I stumbled upon.

This website showed me how to do plain backgrounds and how to make sure the color bled out once it was printed onto actual paper.

This tutorial showed me how to do wrap around letters when it came to texts.

The formatting is the part I find most difficult knowing what size or what format you need for different jobs. This step by step explanation made it “dumb down” for me. After viewing these tutorials I knew that I was prepared for whatever my job placement throws at me for projects.  These tutorials and tips certainly did not teach me everything but once I actually tried them out I found each website useful for different reasons. As well often there are multiple links that refer you to other websites.


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