Sense I looked at pieces to do with where mom works, I thought I would also look at material from where my dad which is at Pepsi.

Even thought this ad isn’t in English, I thought the design and layout was interesting. Clearly in this ad they chose to go with sex appeal by using a nice looking lady. However there is more to the ad the just the pretty face.

The way her body is turned facing the text along with the straw the directly points to the text was placed there on purpose as a leading line to lead the viewer to read more. Another leading line is the Pepsi logo on the can leads the viewer to the logo below the text. I also consider this to be repetition.

When you look to the bottom of the ad there are also leading lines to the last bit of text on the page. This time they are using the models fingers with the red nail polish to point over. Also her elbow directs you to the text at the bottom of the page.  Even though this is subtle I still felt that it was effective.

I think there was a great use of the space, but also left plenty of white space to make sure the ad would not be over crowded.  Overall the colour choices were repetitive with what colours the company use, such as the models dress, the background, red lipstick and the red nail polish. I think this ad would be effective sense they use so many leading lines to direct viewers to the text.

-Emily LImage


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