Room Colouring


I find a lot of us are getting inspiration off of Pinterest, and I did too! I stumbled across this one day as I was going through the millions of pins featured on the site. I think it is interesting to look at the vibes that certain colours give off. I am all about how certain settings influences peoples moods, and I think this diagram provides perfect explanations!

So where would you want to be most productive? Probably your office and I think its cool how blue is considered the most productive colour. All of us are going into co-ops this summer and although we cannot paint our employer’s offices blue, you could incorporate it into your clothing, writing materials, computer backgrounds, etc.

I have always thought green symbolizes tranquility and health because when I think of green I think of nature. If I were to paint my bedroom green it would have to be a lighter version than the one pictured above because I find it just a little too vibrant.

Its funny in this diagram how they tell you to paint your kitchen yellow because I have often heard that light shades of yellow has the same effect as green, calming. However I guess since they are using such a bright shade in this diagram, painting your kitchen space that yellow probably would keep you awake.

I find painting a girl’s room pink is very stereotypical, but I am open to it. I like the idea of the living room being darker, allowing you to relax and unwind. Its funny how the colour red symbolizes increasing your appetite, but I do not think I would ever want my dinning room to be that colour!

Do you guys find colour influences your mood? I think it is interesting that the shades that exist in our backgrounds can have such an effect on us!


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