The Wonders of Instagram

The application “Instagram” has been around for quite sometime now. When I first got my Iphone I was unsure and a little weary of how to actually use the app. I was not sure how to crop my photos to fit inside the editing frame, or how to master the effects that allow your pictures to come alive. Since then I have became a huge fan of the app and use it very often to improve the picture quality of my photos and share my memories with friends and family.

This first photo I took in my backyard a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited to see that the Canada geese were finally back from their Winter down south! I took the photo but quickly noticed a few things. For one, you can hardly see the birds, the colours are pretty dull, and you can also see a turned over lawn chair that has been there since the snow started to melt. Image

So I decided to enter the photo into the app to spruce it up a little. First I cropped out the lawn chair. Then I used the effect that allows the birds to be the focal point of the photo, and the background blurred so all the attention is on them. In the first photo, you cannot see the colours of the sunset that is currently happening in the background. With a click of a button I was able to bring back the warm colours into the photo, making it appear a little more inviting. Image

I encourage all of you to try the app for yourself! It is a lot of fun and it also keep tracks of the date that you post photos. You can look back on your album over the year and see how much some of your pictures have really changed.

Emma Pace


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