Clever Movie Posters

The link above contains what it calls “Unofficial Movie Posters that are better than the real posters”.

Most of them are pretty good but a few of them I think are great and they tend to be ones that make use of negative/positive space or symbols in the image.


Iron Man 3 – I thought this was neat because of the three lines indicating action as he is flying upwards but also doubles to mean “III”.


Dirty Harry – great use of perspective.


Seven – see the 7?

Those are just a few of the ones I liked but I think others like the Lion King, the Goonies and the Amazing Spiderman are also pretty neat.

It’s interesting how most movies do tend to have these alternative posters for them that are almost always more creative and interested than their promoting counterparts. Understandably, most movie posters want to emphasize the actors in the movie by using an image with them in it and Hollywood probably underestimates (rightfully so perhaps?) the average person’s capabilities of deciphering these types of posters and would rather go for something easier to digest.

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