Elegance achieved through web design



I decided to look at my friends company Elegant Productions and its website. Sense this is still a new company her website design is still very up-to-date yet elegant. The main colour throughout the website is purple. I believe they chose purple to represent there company as in royalty or elegance. Their logo is on every page as well as a swirly flower accent on each page. I think they have done a great job at branding their company through the colour choices they have made.

They also use a font that looks like cursive writing, I think this helps into making their brand be represented as elegant in all aspects. In their about us page they talk about how they pay close attention to the biggest details right down to the smallest and I feel this is even shown through their website as the smallest details are still designed with an elegant flair.

I think they did a great job at representing who they are and what skills they obtain just through their website design.

Here is their website, check it out :http://elegantproductions.ca/

-Emily L



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