Life of Photoshop

Recently, I watched the movie Life of Pi. Not paying much attention to movie awards or critic’s reviews, for the most part, I log onto Empire Theatres’ website and see what movies catch my eye. Of course, when I saw the Life of Pi poster, it truly did grab my attention. For one, the colors in the advertisement were beautiful. They were bright and vibrant, yet they had some pastel colors incorporated, which made for an excellent contrast. Two, it looked real. I am not sure if they really took the picture for the movie poster with the tiger sitting in the small row boat with the boy or not (I’m guessing not haha ), however for me, as edited or Photoshopped as the image would be, it looked flawless.


This made the poster seem that much more realistic to me. If there had been bad Photoshop smudging or a bad cut from too much of the eraser tool, the entire poster would have been different.


And as simple as it sounds to just “not mess up” in Photoshop, especially considering these people making the images/designs are professionals, as we’ve all come to realize, everyday in magazines and advertisements, there are huge Photoshop/editing mistakes made.


So, I want to thank the professionals working on the Life of Pi posters/designs, as you’ve obviously done your job extremely well.


And I was glad I was able to pick up on some of the tools on an editing program that could have been used, and see the potential they have to make or break the look of the images I see everyday.





Shannon Kerr

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