The difference between Photoshop and InDesign

I have always wondered what the difference between Photoshop and InDesign was. Since I knew little to nothing about both, I felt like they were practically identical, and both extremely hard to use.  However, in recent weeks, since I began using both programs more and more for class, I inquired what exactly differentiates the two. After someone explained to me that they are both in fact owned by the same company, Adobe Systems, here is what some classmates had to say that explained the differences pretty well for me:


-Photoshop can make vector images.

-Photoshop can be used for editing pixel-based images

-Photoshop can be a graphics editor


 -InDesign can be used for editing and also considered a graphics editor

-InDesign can organize text/images

-InDesign can design layouts (useful for newsletters/ magazine pages)


They also explained that it is likely as a graphic designer, you would use Photoshop to edit a picture, and then use InDesign to create the whole layout. Sort of like Photoshop is the tile you are designing, and InDesign is the concrete floor you are laying it on with other things such as nails, glue, etc.

 (That comparison was a bit of a stretch, I know).

Anyways, I hope that clears up any questions about the differences between the two. And thanks to the folks who helped me become a better carpenter.


-Shannon Kerr

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