The Improvements with Photoshop

Photoshop and I haven’t always had the best relationship. Always struggling with the tools and tricks, I thought it was never going to get better. However, after completing the creative brief and design it forced me to learn the ways of Photoshop, and become somewhat better with my creative design side. I started out not knowing the eye dropper tool from the polygonal lasso tool, however, after working for hours on the projects that we’ve completed, I am finally able to say I have found my way around the tools panel. I even started using different ones like the ellipses tool and the selections tools. It is safe to say I am not going to be a pro anytime soon, but having the extra bit of confidence going into my first co-op work term knowing that if someone asked me to make a simple design concept  I could do it, really helps.


Since I have been feeling more comfortable around Photoshop, I was even able to use it to complete other projects for different courses. Which, before this class, I would have thrown something together on paint.  


I look forward to improving my skills even more, and luckily some classmates even let me in on the secret of YouTube tutorials. I have been watching them ever since, learning some cools shortcuts and more. For anyone who has yet to check ‘em out, I encourage you to go now!


–       Shannon Kerr

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