Burlesque Nail Design


My friend Adrianna has her own business called Burlesque Nail Design. As part of our assignment I had to analyze three ways she markets herself. The Facebook webpage is probably the most resourceful marketing tool of the business. It was created in 2009, around the same time as the business and now has over 2,600 likes. It is updated daily and frequently with different promotions or spots available. So the purpose is well executed but it’s the creative visual technique of her page and work that makes it a must see.

Her cover picture is a black background with Burlesque is big pink font, which is followed by nail designs in smaller white font. The contrast of white and black works well and the pink pops out. It also is classified as a feminine color so symbolically represents females. The actual word burlesque is used as over the top or exaggerated glitz and glam. When observing the images that are posting on a regular basis it is easy to see how perfectly it fits the nail designs. The images uploaded look as though they were taken professionally but they were really taken on Adrianna`s IPhone. This is an inexpensive way to demonstrate what she has created or been working on. It also makes it easy to tweet the images or post on instagram. The nails range from simple manicures to dramatic glamour topped with jewels.

 Other than just looking at the photographs of the nail art the page is well designed having bright colors that is attractive to the eye.  Although with an FB page there isn’t much external design the placement of her pictures and comments uses all of the space provided but does not crowd the page. It is strategically smart to have the recommendation box at the top of the page to the side so when users first glance at the page it is one of the first details they notice.


Simply Arbonne

I started a business with a company called Arbonne which sells everyday essentials from toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant, to cosmetics, vitamins and skin care.  Having just become a new independent consultant there is a lot to learn and I’m observing lots of new advertising. Going through their websites, DVDs, Facebook page, business cards there is a lot to take note of.

The designs are beautiful, fresh and clean just like the product. An interesting way they advertised was on the box your product comes in. The regular cardboard box that one would receive in the mail is covered in writing and green ink. Using green because the product is green friendly being vegan and botanically based. Using only the purest ingredients and using words like “superb, amazing, beneficial”, it got my attention immediately. Kind of like when you received a red or colored envelope in the mall. That color pops from the ordinary white ones demonstrating the effects of contrast as your eye is immediately drawn to it.

IMG-20130225-00089The use of words can be more powerful then images. It is hard to use an image to represent an image of something that is “amazing” as it would differ from person to person as it depends on what they consider to be amazing. This is based from their opinion and perspective on whatever is being observed. The product stands true to all of the words mentioned and has for over 30 years. Having never changed face it has always been this way.


Barbie Girl-Connect: Applying and Understanding Skills

Wired_TVRecently in my Direct Marketing class we were asked to do a case study. My group decided to pick the Barbie doll and had to come up with a new campaign for Mattel. My group decided we would take Barbie into the future by making an online game similar to “Sims” called Barbie Girl-Connect. By purchasing the doll you receive a password to login online. Then you can build and create your own world however you please.  The best feature is being able to play with your doll anywhere in the wold by connecting and playing with your friends. We had to create mock ups of how we would advertise and we decided on a poster. This would allow us to reach a broader audience by being able to place the poster in schools, children’s magazines, flyers, bus stops, basically anywhere we choose. The point of using the poster is repetition, because the more people see it the more they will remember it.

We used images from Google and the Photoshop program.  We had the physical Barbie doll and an image of a globe. The globe was the signifier of the world of where you can go with this game. The part I found the most interesting was the use of the cord. It was originally wrapped around the world to signify being connected globally but when we found one in the infinity sign we knew it was a perfect match for our idea.  Our idea was dream big with this game, there are infinite options and opportunities and will literally never end. That was being signified through the use of the cord.

The final step was creating our slogan which was “Barbie Girl-Connect, Your Would, Your Way”.  We actually made each segment a different font or somehow different. This worked for us and of course our coloring scheme was based on the already popular Barbie pink. Using glitter to add some sparkle and attract a young girls eye. We kept it simple so that it would be easy for everyone to understand and grasp their attention. I would proud as I had learnt the skills necessary in this class to apply to another to be successful.

-Adrienne Henley


 Applying what I have learned is harder than I expected. When using the program Photoshop it is easy to manipulate, enhance or completely change images/advertisements. We have been practicing for several classes and although my Professor has been more than understanding and patient, she should see how her students work is positively progressing. The first day I couldn’t even get the program to open. Having different layers was confusing and I kept making errors. Then we added the magic lasso which is a tool meant to make cropping simple but made my life more complicated. It is has to be precise and it took me a while to get the hang of it but I finally did.

Last Thursday our Professor was absent but we had an assignment to recreate an Ad. It was on ski and snow apparel and surprisingly the skills I had learned from her previous classes had stuck in my mind and I was able to apply them. This was a great feeling of accomplishment, I had a few small questions for my peers but overall I found it simple to put together. It is also a good way to stay creative. In public relations so much of our career is reading or writing so to be able to do some marketing in our own way was enjoyable.

This was purely just practice as we used images from the internet and based it from an original ad. Whereas if we were actually working for an organization we would have to be cautious of the legality of the pictures and what is acceptable to use.  I was happy with my design of using colors and an Olympic skier as the main image, but I incorporated all the logos and addresses so it could pass as a public ad. This is all a learning experience but I learn fast and like to add new skills to my list so I can maximize my own potential for being successful.



Having no prior knowledge of computer design or much to do with technology in general this Text-Based Media is an interesting course. I need constant help with the program photo-shop, however the terminology is simple to comprehend just not apply. The first lecture dealt with the design elements CRAP, a humorous way to remember contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. 

Contrast deals with having an object or specific focal point that you want your audience’s eye to be drawn too.  For example if you have a solid black background you probably should avoid using darker colours because it will blend in, when trying to make it pop you could use a red or a yellow. There was an interesting image brought up with a giant waterfall with multiple mini-falls within it. There are four monks walking across and instantly my eye was drawn to them. I always think contrast has to be so forced but the interesting thing about this photograph was that it was very natural but unnatural at the same time.  It kept with the peace and simplicity of nature but having people walking on the water isn’t where they should be, so it caught my attention.

The next point was repetition..the next point was repetition. Okay so you get the point, it is self-explanatory. This element helps make the picture flow together and provide consistency (Williams). Then the final points are alignment and proximity. These are two different concepts but are closely related. Alignment does not necessarily mean in the proper order but more so using the space given wisely. By not leaving too much white on a page layout or not having enough white showing, having it centred or scattered, these are decisions to consider. Lastly Proximity is also using the space given wisely but by grouping what is important together to signify a relationship within the picture.

Overall these elements are key in understanding images but also key to your own work being successfully understood. They come in handy especially when dealing with advertisements or works that will be shared with the public.