Inde What?

InDe what? Is the first thing that came to mind when I found out that we would be learning about this editing program for this course. I don’t know about you but I’m not the type that can catch on to these programs and tools easily. I work better with researching short cuts and trail and error working with the program. SO I took it upon myself to research on the porgram and wanted to share it with all of you.


Now let’s get to business. My first confusion was why are we learning InDesign and Photoshop. I quickly learned that there is a difference between the two programs and what to use them for. Photoshop is a program that you should use when you’re creating and editing photos and raster (pixel) based art work. Where InDesign is for laying out printed materials; that’s what it is designed to do. This could be brochures, newsletters, ads, business cards or books. Virtually anything that is made up of a combination of blocks of text, photos or other artwork. Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.29.17 PM

Now that we have the basic covered lets explore the … fun stuff. I was able to find these two outlines of short cuts for the program on Pintrest. Both have some similar consistent shortcuts as well as a few different ones. Now there is a few I’d like to point out which I consider the basic essential tools.

InDesign 101 by Alysha

1) Copy – shift/command ‘c’

2) Cut –  shift/command ‘x’

3) paste –  shift/command ‘v’

4) selection – ‘v’

5) Rotate – ‘r’

6) zoom – ‘z’

7) scissors – ‘c’

8) pencil – ‘n’

9) pen – ‘p’

10) Hand (navigation) – ‘h’

Hoping these quick fixes will help you through the processes of mastering InDesign!


Generation Brand Overload

brandsAfter our visit with Matt Proctor, branding was on my mind. So I went back to my room and looked around and divided items in piles categorized as ‘brand names’ and ‘generic/non-brand names’. Quickly I noticed my brand pile was much larger then my non-brand pile.

I came to the conclusion that our generation has lives in a branding over load. Nothing is good enough or wearable unless it is a great brand name. Those of you who say you hate brand names and love Wal Mart or Joe Fresh guess what? Those are brand names too. We just can not escape it. From our clothes to cars and house appliances to body wash there is always a brand name attached to anything we do and use.

From Matt’s presentation I was also surprised that branding incorporates the 4 P’s: pricing, promotions, place and product. From first glace and future knowledge I assumed that branding was a simple concept that involved a logo, color plate and then they send if off to start constructing a advertising campaigns. I had no idea the behind the scenes efforts that went into branding.

So how do we escape it ? That’s the discussion topic I would like to purpose. How do we show these companies who are creating these bands that we do not need them in our lives?

I would like to hear back from you fellow classmates and hear what your opinion is on how brands are effecting our lives and if it’ a positive or negative thing!

Color Overload



In light of the dreaded season of midterms with spring break in close sight. I was of course procrastinating on Pintrest and came across this gem of a picture. With tomorrows midterm, I thought it was a great visual description of some key elements we learned in class ! So here you go fellow classmates study away!

Okay.. Now I’m Hungry.


Once I saw this add there was no turning back. I fell for it, I immediately was hungry for a hamburger. Although I’ve never tasted a Burger King burger I suddenly wanted to. This ad uses the rule of thirds to its fullest while using the edge of her nose and ending of the tip of the brow, the models eye aka the hamburger is perfectly centered in the middle causing it to immediately catch ones own eye. The make up artist who completely the juice burger look did a fantastic job using all the critical colors and contrast needed. The background color of the models skin is a perfect tone for the contrast of the make up.I really like this ad. I think it is very unique and different but still leaves the audience wanting a burger just like a typical burger ad.

Alysha Elliott


The Magical World of Advertisments



Since beginning my failing career at Photoshop since the beginning of the semester, I am continuously looking at adds, logos, etc examining just how one may have utilized all the scary wonders of Photoshop. While wasting time on Facebook the other day I came across a friend who had just recently returned from a magical trip to the park were dreams become a reality. This got me thinking. Disney, in my mind, has got to be the most creative place on earth. With that also got me thinking imagine the type of work the are doing with Photoshop from print adds, tv adds, and web adds this mulch-billionaire company is constantly trying to sell you something to either the parent or the kid. When I stumbled upon this picture it got me thinking about the process they would have gone through to assemble it. From the layers upon layers including: the castle, each firework, the rainbow, the dark clouds, the white fluffy clouds, and the text. I can imagine an add such as this, to the unknown looks simple and easy but to the trained (or attempting to be trained, such as myself) eye it is easy to see the difficulty and lengthy process behind it.Now on this long and bumpy road to attempting to understand the scary world of Photoshop, I am going to take Mr. Walt Disneys advice when working with the program and instead of getting frustrated see it as an opportunity.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Alysha Elliott


Mac Make Up – CRAP




Contrast: The mixture of the dark purple and black is an exceedingly good contrast in comparison to the skin on the model. With the lighter purple and gold make up on the model it highlights her face, which really captures your attention.


Repetition: The consistency of purples, gold’s and whites carries out the theme throughout the entire ad. With the texture on the models shoulder it gives the allusion of snakeskin, which the ad is trying to portray.


Alignment: The frame around the model in the white gives the image the look of a portrait. With the face directly in the middle of the frame your eye is automatically drawn to the model’s face that also draws your attention to her make up and the color plate.


Proximity: With the picture solely focused on her face and the way her face is angled you are able to see all the colors of the new make up plate. With the texture on her shoulder and the look on her face gives off a sly look like a snake.


This unique ad catches ones eye at first glace intriguing them to look further into it and seeing what it is about.  Make-up ads are all so common now a day portraying a natural, barely their look. With this add they use the color plate in their new line to create art rather then just doing the models make up. All and all this ad is do a really good job at capturing attention of the viewers in a unique way.