MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.

When I first set out to do my Creative Audit and Designs for MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc., I had intended to give them a revamped home page for their website. However, the president of the company assured me that he was perfectly content with the website as is.

I’ve decided to use my recommendations for the home page as a blog post. I recommend that MPP find a different background for their website, make better use of their space, and make the options more defined.

My first concern is the hidious wood panelled background. It appears dark and dreary and makes other aspects of the page hard to notice. I would suggest using a background that is a light blue and makes use of white. This will make logos stand out more and shows MPP’s pride in its Nova Scotian roots.

I would also get rid of the “The Art of the Story” image in the middle of the page. It has little to do with the company and the space could be better used to promote products or the company culture.

I would lose the Publishing Workshop link as well. The workshops haven’t recently been offered and the link has become redundent.

For anyone wishing to check out MPP’s website, it can be found at:

Now That’s Some Fresh Juice!


While deciding on which company to do my creative audit on, I happened upon this picture on one of the companys’ website. The company is Terra Beata Farm in Heckman’s Island, NS. The photo is of one of the workers lying in a flooded cranberry bog during the harvesting season.

What made me stop on this photo is its repetition. There are so many cranberries that have floated to the surface in the photo that it almost appears to cut the picture in two. Where the field of cranberries stops and the pond begins almost looks like two separate scenes.

I really think that this is a good photo for Terra Beata to use for promotional purposes. The bottle of juice in Sean’s hand allows there to be an example of one of the company’s products while the massive field of cranberries leaves no doubts what kind of products are produced at the farm. As well, the overall goofiness of the photo captures the culture of Terra Beata Farm. Having worked there for nearly a year, it didn’t take me long to discover it was an incredably laidback work atmosphere. All of the workers and management exist as a very close knit group. We all enjoyed having fun at work and did all sorts of things to make the work day go a bit quicker.

-Alex Greek

Bad Business Card


Before even considering any of things we’ve learned in this class, I knew this is not what you want out of a business card.

When I first looked at the card, my eye kept travelling over it looking for what stood out as most important. I found the different font styles and colors to be incredibly distracting and the different font sizes does nothing to distinguish important information. Second only to the name, the quote on the card is what stands out to me while important info such as phone and fax numbers, his email address, and website appear muted and less important.

Something that really bothers me is the bottom line. When I first read it I thought it was spam and didn’t consider it the referral to the company’s website important at all. I found the blue line highlighting it to be very distracting and the words were even cut off!

Another thing that does this card no good is the lack of alignment. A lot of the lines don’t appear connected to anything and seem to be thrown in wherever they’ll fit.

My last complaint is about the picture of the man. You don’t often see pictures on people’s business cards and this picture is not helping. If you must put a picture on your business card, my suggestion would be to find one that doesn’t look like a cross between an Elvis impersonation and a mug shot from a ten year old sex crime.

-Alex Greek

Beyonce’s Lights Out Post Halftime Show

Super Bowl Football

Whether or not Beyonce’s halftime spectacle caused the power outage during Sunday’s Super Bowl, the fans in New Orleans were left with a stadium that was nearly exactly half lit.

As the tv camera panned the stadium, I stopped sipping my beer and realized I had an excellent opportunity for a blog post. While one half of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was perfectly lit, the other was awash with an eery darkness.

What struck me most about the image was its constrast. The bright yellow upright stood tall in the nearly black background. It reflected what remained of the overhead lighting and showed clearly against the dark stands and ceiling.

Also, you can make a case for some repetition in the photo. You have two semi circles of light followed by the same semi circles in darkness as well as the two strips of stadium seating along the lower half of the photo.