Elegance achieved through web design



I decided to look at my friends company Elegant Productions and its website. Sense this is still a new company her website design is still very up-to-date yet elegant. The main colour throughout the website is purple. I believe they chose purple to represent there company as in royalty or elegance. Their logo is on every page as well as a swirly flower accent on each page. I think they have done a great job at branding their company through the colour choices they have made.

They also use a font that looks like cursive writing, I think this helps into making their brand be represented as elegant in all aspects. In their about us page they talk about how they pay close attention to the biggest details right down to the smallest and I feel this is even shown through their website as the smallest details are still designed with an elegant flair.

I think they did a great job at representing who they are and what skills they obtain just through their website design.

Here is their website, check it out :http://elegantproductions.ca/

-Emily L



Sense I looked at pieces to do with where mom works, I thought I would also look at material from where my dad which is at Pepsi.

Even thought this ad isn’t in English, I thought the design and layout was interesting. Clearly in this ad they chose to go with sex appeal by using a nice looking lady. However there is more to the ad the just the pretty face.

The way her body is turned facing the text along with the straw the directly points to the text was placed there on purpose as a leading line to lead the viewer to read more. Another leading line is the Pepsi logo on the can leads the viewer to the logo below the text. I also consider this to be repetition.

When you look to the bottom of the ad there are also leading lines to the last bit of text on the page. This time they are using the models fingers with the red nail polish to point over. Also her elbow directs you to the text at the bottom of the page.  Even though this is subtle I still felt that it was effective.

I think there was a great use of the space, but also left plenty of white space to make sure the ad would not be over crowded.  Overall the colour choices were repetitive with what colours the company use, such as the models dress, the background, red lipstick and the red nail polish. I think this ad would be effective sense they use so many leading lines to direct viewers to the text.

-Emily LImage

Grand Day

I thought I would re-look at the poster I made for Cobequid and explain how I had came up with the design.



I used Adobe photoshop cs6. First off the Grand Day logo had Cobequids logo on it so I had to cut  that out because I wanted to use Cobequids full logo at the top of the page.

To achieve the long orange rectangle, all I did was use the shape tool and made a simple rectangle and filled that in the with orange that is used on their website. I chose to have a long rectangle on the side to simulate the website and have that connection between the two pieces.

The only other colour I chose to use was the purpely blue font which i pulled from the Grand Day logo using the eye dropper tool, to insure I had a proper match. I didn’t want to have too much information on the poster because people probably wouldn’t look at it.

I was attempting to make it look youthful, so it would appeal to a younger demograhpic to inspire more youth volunteers signing up for the event. I think I achieved this well, only think I wish I did differently would be to add slightly more colour and a little less text. Even though the text is plentyful or overwhelming. I feel that youth might be drawn to more bullet point information rather than chunks. Any thoughts?

-Emily L.






I was looking at my Mom’s business card for Marks Work Wearhouse and realized how different it was from how I remembered their colour scheme was from when I was growing up. Over the past couple years Marks Work Wearhouse has done some revamping with their logo, and brand identity. These were all subtle changes that slowly happened, and when I found myself holding my Mom’s business card, it somehow sunk in.

Growing up I was always at my Mom’s store a lot, it had this tacky blue ceiling to attempt to cover the pipes above, but was also one of their “colours”. Throughout the changes in the last couple of years, Marks Work Wearhouse has changed to Marks. Their slogan Clothes That Work has changed to Smart Clothes. Everyday Living. Mark’s colours use to be orange and blue but now their main colours are bright orange and grey. Instead of having blue feature walls, they now have orange feature walls throughout many of the updated marks.Even the outside signs are changing on the newly re-done Marks. Instead of having blue and orange lettering with curvy font, their store signage now is white lettering with grey and orange accents.

Mark’s has a completely different look now, however I feel this represents the company better. It is a cutting edge and more up to date version of the company. I feel throughout alignment and colour contrasts that they have chosen, truly represents the core values of Mark’s.

-Emily Levy

Winter Blues


During the winter months, I always browse Google images for warm and comforting photos to put as my desktop background. While I was searching Google to take away the winter blues I found this tropical beach photo.

The vibrant colours and soft wispy clouds drew me in. The photo follows the rule of thirds with the two chairs in the bottom left hand corner. The other islands in the photo make it seem like it goes on forever. I love the different shades of blue, and greens. As well as the white sandy beach which that leads into the ocean.

I feel that the photo gives off different textures with each element such as, the chairs on the beach would be made of wood, the grains of the soft sand between your toes, the warm soothing water, and the fluffy marshmallow clouds. All the different elements in the photo make it easy to wish you were on that beach.

Overall I love the how this picture follows the rule of thirds, the photo is easy to look at and not over crowded or distracting. Also I love how the main cloud has a shadow below it, because it looks like the cloud is so close to the ocean, almost as if you could reach out and touch it. This photo was by far my favourite one this winter.


“Where’s Fluffy?”

wheres_fluffy2 (1)





A signifier is a physical form of a sign, where as a signified is the meaning that is expressed by a sign. I didn’t really understand this concept until I started to think about how it could be applied in real life or with things that interest me.

Last week I was watching the movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. In the movie Nick and Norah and their friends goal is to try and find the band “Where’s Fluffy” in New York City by the end of the night to see the concert. Throughout the movie drawings of bunnies are left with a clue of where the band might be playing.

In this case the signifier is a bunny with question marks around it. The band “Where’s Fluffy” is the signified because it is the meaning that is being expressed behind the sign of the bunny with question marks. The “where” in the bands name is where the question marks come from in the signifier and the Fluffy comes from the bunny.

I think this example works well for understanding signifiers and signified. These are used every day, I bet you if you really look you could find many examples!


Business Card Boot Camp


I found this business card on Google for dog training and thought it was quite interesting.

I like the font that was chosen for Dog Training, the font reminds me of something that would be on a military “boot camp” poster, which makes the tone of the dog training seem more serious and intense. I like how the colour used in “Dog Training” is white and the silhouette of the dog is too.  I think it is nice how the font is aligned to one side of the card, this makes the card easier to read. Although I do find the dogs mouth and nose is somewhat distracting from the information.

However I love the colour contrast if the purple and the orange and how the white shape of the dog works so well in this. I also find it interesting how the dog paw is where the brain would be. I feel these images work well for this business card, with the representation of a dog without actually using a photo of a dog just an outline. As well as using a paw in the brain area to link it with training.

Overall I really like this business card, and think it is quite cute. Although I would get rid of the word phone and email as it is unnecessary and somewhat dated.


Paint The Way To Knowledge



A few years ago I decided to paint my bedroom two of my favourite bright colours, lime green and aqua. At the beginning I often wondered if the colours went together. I eventually got over it and stopped questioning it because I just loved the colours together so much.

When reading through The Non-Designer’s Design Book last week I came across tertiary colours which are colours that can be produced by combining either one primary colour with one secondary colour, or two secondary colors. I continued reading and found a page on analogous colours, which is a combination of colours that are beside each other on the colour wheel. They all share the same undertone therefore the colours will always match. You can even try combining them and adjusting the tinting and shading.

To my surprise the example of Analogous colours, had the exact colours of my bedroom. This made me wonder how many other artsy subconscious decisions have we all made through our lives using these techniques just because they felt right or looked good.


Hot Air Balloons Meet The Four Basic Principles


While looking through Google images I spotted this photo. The bright colours and reflections of the hot air balloons immediately caught my eye. I thought this photo followed the four basic principles really well. The four basic principles are contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.

I really like the contrast of the background along with the different shapes, patterns, and colours on the hot air balloons. All the patterns and colours are definitely a huge part of what drew me in.

In this photo the repetition is the hot air balloons lined up on the coast line in a row. I also consider the reflections in the water of the hot air balloons to be a type of repetition.

Alignment in this photo would be the hot air balloons and the trees. If you take a close look at the photo you’ll see how the hot air balloons are aligned with the tress in the background.

Since the hot air balloons appear to be in close proximity of each other they can be considered one visual unit.

Overall I think it is a very eye catching photograph and could be used for advertising an event of this nature.