How images and colour influences your brand


In the past few months I have become more familiar with the jewellery company stella & dot. The business itself functions a lot like the makeup company Mary Kay. Sale associates receive products each month and can sell door-to-door or host parties with friends in order to sell some amazing pieces. I really love how the colour turquoise is used throughout their product line and promotional materials. It keeps their items looking consistant and well put together.


Here is an example of an ad that the company used on their website. Again the type face and colour scheme is consistant with the stella & dot brand. Clean, girly and well put together in my eyes. The jewellery itself sticks out from the calm background, and complementary colours are used throughout the advertisement. I also love the added pops of colour on the packaging, which makes the overall look even more fun.

Just looking at stella & dot’s promotional material like it’s website, advertisements and Facebook page makes me want to learn more about the company and the products that they sell. I am finding more often now when I ask people where they got their lovely jewellery, stella & dot is the answer! We have learned a lot this term about what works and doesn’t work when brands are trying to promote their business. I find stella & dot have created a brand that is consistant, girly, yet sophisticated all at the same time. ImageEmma Pace

Room Colouring


I find a lot of us are getting inspiration off of Pinterest, and I did too! I stumbled across this one day as I was going through the millions of pins featured on the site. I think it is interesting to look at the vibes that certain colours give off. I am all about how certain settings influences peoples moods, and I think this diagram provides perfect explanations!

So where would you want to be most productive? Probably your office and I think its cool how blue is considered the most productive colour. All of us are going into co-ops this summer and although we cannot paint our employer’s offices blue, you could incorporate it into your clothing, writing materials, computer backgrounds, etc.

I have always thought green symbolizes tranquility and health because when I think of green I think of nature. If I were to paint my bedroom green it would have to be a lighter version than the one pictured above because I find it just a little too vibrant.

Its funny in this diagram how they tell you to paint your kitchen yellow because I have often heard that light shades of yellow has the same effect as green, calming. However I guess since they are using such a bright shade in this diagram, painting your kitchen space that yellow probably would keep you awake.

I find painting a girl’s room pink is very stereotypical, but I am open to it. I like the idea of the living room being darker, allowing you to relax and unwind. Its funny how the colour red symbolizes increasing your appetite, but I do not think I would ever want my dinning room to be that colour!

Do you guys find colour influences your mood? I think it is interesting that the shades that exist in our backgrounds can have such an effect on us!


The Wonders of Instagram

The application “Instagram” has been around for quite sometime now. When I first got my Iphone I was unsure and a little weary of how to actually use the app. I was not sure how to crop my photos to fit inside the editing frame, or how to master the effects that allow your pictures to come alive. Since then I have became a huge fan of the app and use it very often to improve the picture quality of my photos and share my memories with friends and family.

This first photo I took in my backyard a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited to see that the Canada geese were finally back from their Winter down south! I took the photo but quickly noticed a few things. For one, you can hardly see the birds, the colours are pretty dull, and you can also see a turned over lawn chair that has been there since the snow started to melt. Image

So I decided to enter the photo into the app to spruce it up a little. First I cropped out the lawn chair. Then I used the effect that allows the birds to be the focal point of the photo, and the background blurred so all the attention is on them. In the first photo, you cannot see the colours of the sunset that is currently happening in the background. With a click of a button I was able to bring back the warm colours into the photo, making it appear a little more inviting. Image

I encourage all of you to try the app for yourself! It is a lot of fun and it also keep tracks of the date that you post photos. You can look back on your album over the year and see how much some of your pictures have really changed.

Emma Pace

Victoria Secret is starting to be known for their awful photo shopping



In the past couple of years, Victoria Secret has come under fire for their awful photo shop blunders. If you Google “Victoria Secret Photo Shop Fails” a lot of results will come back! The pictures I’ve shown above have been some of the worst and had been posted on their website, but eventually taken down.

The top image shows a lady holding a non-existent purse purse, and the bottom image shows a lady without an arm! How does this happen? Personally I think its all about timing. I think with the numerous products Victoria Secret sells, they want to feature it on the website as fast as possible. Maybe the purse that should have been there was not created by the brand, so instead of properly taking it out, they erased it but forgot to go back and touch it up.

Regarding the arm, now that is just crazy!I think Victoria Secret wants to make their models look as beautiful, skinny and fit as possible. Maybe they thought taking off her arm would make her appear thinner. However it could have also just been a complete mistake and someone forgot they had taken it out.

Solution, Victoria Secret either needs to hire a new photo shop team, or make sure to proof their work before submitting it on to the site! 

Creating some controversy


This is just one of three new advertisements being put up in numerous New York subway stations around the city, and many people are not happy about them.

I was wondering what you guys might think. This is a case of someone trying to get a message across to a particular audience, but not doing it in the right way. You see, many people are saying these ads are not only putting down teen mothers, but their children as well.

So what is this ad trying to tell us? That there are many negative consequences if a teenager chooses to have a child, however these scare tactics I do think will solve the problem. I know a few teen moms who have got it completely going on. I think NYC needs to take a better approach on the issue and maybe focus more on prevention.

As for the ad itself, I think it makes good use of contrast, but I hate the picture. I would not want to to see a crying baby on my way to work.

What do you guys think?


Lululemon on Facebook




A couple of months ago I “liked” lululemon on Facebook because not only am I a fan of their clothing, but I also enjoy the posts that they create for their followers. I find on a gloomy or slow day, i can look at one of their posts and be motivated to finish a task I am doing, or throw some clothes on and go to the gym.


I find lululemon always uses complementary colours in their ads, and there is always a good flow about them. This particular ad is for people trying to buy presents last minute this holiday season. I really enjoy this ad because of the lighting used in the photo, and the font that accompanies the picture.  Bold but yet simple and delicate at the same time. I think white was the perfect colour to use because is simbolizes purity ( something I think lululemon values) but also jumps out of the picture and captures your attention, especially while scrolling through your newsfeed.

I suggest everyone to take a look at their Facebook page and website when you need a little inspiration or something pretty to look at. (Girls, whether it be the pretty clothes & accessories, and guys… well um you can look at the girls 😉 ) 



Interesting Advertisement


Interesting Advertisement

When I was driving home the other day I saw this ad on the side of a bus stop and it immediately grabbed my attention. At first all you see are the yellow lemons, and then your eye is attracted to the odd one out, the bright red lemon.

So you think to yourself, if all the other lemons are yellow, and one is red, there must be a reason for it. So then of course your eyes and brain are looking for an answer, so you look down at the text. Plain & simple, if you see red call your doctor.

Now, of course you can piece together because the ad is put out by Bladder Cancer Canada, they are telling you if you see red in the bathroom to call your doctor. For a split second I thought how funny would it be if someone thought something was wrong with them because they saw the red in the lemon when they weren’t suppose to. That would be kind of sad, haha.

Anyways, I think this ad has used text & colour perfectly. It took all of the 5 seconds that I saw the ad to get the memo it was trying to send. Your eye is attracted to the gorgeous colours of the lemons (especially this time of year when it is so grey out) then you quickly try to find the explanation for the image.

I think ads that play a trick with our eyes, or ask us to look for an explanation work best when you are trying to attract someone quickly to your cause or product.

I really like this advertisement, hopefully someone else has also seen it on the street!

– Emma

CRAP, shown by the love of my life


CRAP, shown by the love of my life

Anyone that has met me knows that my hamster is the love of my life (trust me, I am a sane person, he is just so cute!) I think this is my favourite picture of all time of my hamster.

As for contrast, I like to think that there are different elements of colour in this photo because of the time of day when the image was captured. It is night time, and there is only a small light in the corner. This allows for yellows, oranges and browns to come through the picture.

Repetition, ok so maybe this is not the best picture to explain this element, but if you look through my phone, every second picture is of him, so I think that counts ;). If anything, his whiskers go on and on, so that could count too!

As for alignment, if you have ever tried to take a picture of a hamster, or any rodent, it is a very difficult task. It was a huge accomplish to actually get his body aligned in the photo, and his eyes looking in the right direction. (Peanut butter people, it works every time. )

Proximity, I think its pretty cool how the bed post and window show up in the background of the photo, in comparison to his body, those objects are both HUGE. But the way the image is focused on hammi, he takes up the shot making him look like he is taking over the room.

So there are my examples of the CRAP rules of photography as shown through a photo of my hamster. I like to think that it is a pretty nice photo considering how small he is and that I took it on my phone. Does anyone else out there like to take an obsessive amount of photos of their pets? I hope I am not the only one out there.

I promise next time I will post a professional picture, But i just felt the need to show off my child 😉