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I am a second year PUblic Relations Student at Mount Saint Vincent University.

InDesign Help? Have no fear it is here!

So for my co-op placement I wasn’t sure what exactly I would be using for programs so when I was learning InDesign I didn’t pay as close attention to details as I probably should have. Once I talked to the current co-op student I found out that they use InDesign on a frequent basis and make posters daily for different events and upcoming functions. This scared me at first until I started to look for mini practice websites and tutorials so I could prepare myself before starting in a few weeks. This is what I stumbled upon.

This website showed me how to do plain backgrounds and how to make sure the color bled out once it was printed onto actual paper.


This tutorial showed me how to do wrap around letters when it came to texts.


The formatting is the part I find most difficult knowing what size or what format you need for different jobs. This step by step explanation made it “dumb down” for me. After viewing these tutorials I knew that I was prepared for whatever my job placement throws at me for projects.  These tutorials and tips certainly did not teach me everything but once I actually tried them out I found each website useful for different reasons. As well often there are multiple links that refer you to other websites.



Good Advertising at its Finest


Advertising is used for two things, leaving a lasting impression on its audience and for sending a message to its target audience. I have chosen to analyze this advertising piece to see if they left a lasting impression on me and if they sent a message clearly to me as well. There are lots of advertisements that don’t do a good job and the reason you know this is you simply don’t remember them. Simple as that! If you don’t remember their advertisement or don’t relate the product or service to their advertisement they did not accomplish the task they need too. Now in the case of this advertisement the elements of good design are clearly displayed, the design is colorful but organized and is visually appealing. The words are bolded so that they stand out slightly compared to the background and draw the reader into the main message. The alignment is used in an interesting but organized fashion as well.  The advertisement des not have very much white space but I feel for this specific advertisement it was not needed. The overall color scheme works and uses proper contrast to give sustenance to the ad. The meaning is shown very clearly through out the advertisement; we know what they are trying to sell and how it is supposed to make us feel. It not only send a direct message it hold meaning behind it which gives us as the audience a feeling or emotion behind the product, so we almost feel connected. Now when deciding whether or not I should purchase their product I know I will relate it to this advertisement, so this is how I know they have accomplished good advertising for their product.




As we learn more and visually become better at picking apart layouts of various mediums and bad design elements the more interested I become in learning how to create good design projects. I decided to show my creative audit piece again from class and try and explain the choices I made.

Ballam has a goal and the goal is to make clients life easier by providing personal coverage for each situation and each client. This may seem simple but is very important and is very time consuming. The only thing that should be simple is the clients finding the information they want to know quickly and efficiently. Their website I thought was great! Not to many tabs not to much information in one spot they definitely put time and effort into the creative aspect of their website. The only changes that I made were to change the color scheme to keep it consistent with the letterhead they send out to clients and to incorporate the blue in the shield with the blue in the main header.

The subheadings and format of the website were excellent and I did not change that except for the color so it flowed properly throughout the whole page. The white space could have been condensed throughout the bottom of their webpage but this could easily have been changed.

The website was clear and concise as well had personal touches including staff member’s photos so that clients could get to know who they were dealing with. This website only needed a few tweaks then would be perfect! I had a lot of fun adapting their website and business cards and am hoping they will apply these changes at some point in time!



Leave it to a pro



Now we all know three are some bad websites out there, this has been made clear after watching our classmates present their creative audits. Seeing professional businesses present their company online in the way that they do seems odd to us who now understand how simple changes can make a huge impact. The simple and effective tool a business can us is quality. If a new client views a quality website it can make a world of a difference in how they view them as a whole. Visual appeal is simply important. The eye naturally leans toward visual elements that are easy and simple to read, view and understand. These are the simple mistakes that I can see in this website design.

 As you can see I needed multiple pictures just to show the entire FIRST webpage. This is a never ending website the main page needs to fit the computer screen without having to scroll down. That is problem number one.

Problem number two would be what I like to call “garbly goop”. Words, words, words and more words is what is on this page. I know for myself I would rather find another stable to ride at then try and have to decipher this website to try and find the necessary information needed.

Problem number three would be simply the color and pictures; it is not inviting or fun looking to me. I know as a child if I was going to riding lessons I would want to see lots of pictures of the facility and the horses that actually are there.

Last but not least the fonts I counted nine font choices and I’m sure there is more. On the main page there should not be a lot of information to begin with but if you are deciding to put a lot on, try and at least stay consistent. This draws the eye in every direction and its hard to decided what is of most importance.

 All of the content needs to be listed or at least have bullets and main headers to separate the information for the client. So in this case I would save the website for the pros and the riding to the instructors not the website.


Branding and its Importance

After Matt came into our class and gave a discussion on branding, it got me thinking more about the importance of branding and how you have to be so careful when marketing to your consumers. You want your audience to view a product or service in the same way you’re trying to reflect it through your brand. 

Branding does something very simple it separates your product from others and gives your audience a taste of exactly what you’re offering. You must remember you cannot be all things a customer may be need, so you must focus on main aspects so that the customer is happy with what they’re receiving. Image

My example for today will be Nike. Nike is a brand that is used for sporting goods and work out attire. Now when I think of Nike I immediately go to the Nike check which is there famous logo. This logo is very cool and trendy, so when I think of the company as a whole I think of trendy and hip new sporting attire. The company as a whole though tries to push on the customers their “story”. The employees at Nike all know the story of how Nike began and it is a very history oriented and history focused atmosphere. This Nike check mark certainly does not make me think of history, this is not an accurate way of displaying a companies brand. Image

Branding needs to be dealt with carefully because if you want to become successful. How and who you deliver your message too is very important, many different aspects must be looked over before applying a brand to a company. 


Photo convincing or not?


Photo convincing or not?

This photo uses two techniques that I can see to try and convince the audience whether this shampoo would be extra volumizing or not.

The picture uses elements of comedy to depict the idea of volume in hair. By using a male in a bathtub as well as giving him a long “volumous” hair do . This product is clearly to be for women who have lots of hair, so by targeting their audience and choosing humour this has been effective. Humour in advertising can be a hit or miss within different groups but in this case I feel it has been used effectively

The next technique used would be that the actually product is not the main attraction. The product can be found in the left hand corner but is ver minuscule compared to the remainder of the photograph. This is interesting because often companies will plaster their product over posters so that their brand name or product name is the first thing you see, this certainly was not the first thing I noticed. It was the nice looking man in the bathtub…. shocker I know!!

This photo from my own knowledge would have most likely have been edited in photoshop. The shampoo bottle and the text could have been easily layered on top of the bathtub .


CRAP- Principles of Design


CRAP- Principles of Design

This photo I stumbled upon on Google images completely follows the four principles in the CRAP design. First off the contrast is shown throughout the different color contrasts between each section of the picture; as well the tones add a nice contrast for the eye to look at. Repetition is clearly used throughout this picture because each image is carefully sectioned off equally and spaced out evenly to repeat the simple but effective repetition to draw the audience’s attention. Thirdly the alignment is done precisely to make sure the eye sees no difference between the sections. This is done so that you can see that even though each section of the picture may be a different contrast, tone or color it still fits together as one whole. Lastly proximity shows up within this image because each piece of the photo is lined up beside one another to provide perfect proximity of the images. This image was designed to draw the attention of the viewer, but for me it was almost like a puzzle, now when I look at images I am always trying to figure out how exactly I could do that to an image in photo shop.
For this image I would slice the image into different sections then use the editing tool for different color templates until I found ones that looked nice together. I’m hoping for me next blog post I will be able to try something similar to this and see how it goes!

Birthday Invitation


Birthday Invitation

My mother asked me to make a birthday invitation for my younger sister who is turning 13 next week, so I thought I could try using a couple simple things off of photo shop to create a kid friendly birthday invitation. It was simple to make, just 5 separate layers and using the magnetic lasso tool, the magic wand, the text tool and different fonts. I didn’t post the actual address information or number but once we get these printed we will put in the accurate information. My sister is a colorful and out going little girl so I knew this would be the perfect fit for her!

I know I could use this same type of format when sending out information for businesses ect.. I would just use a more formal approach by using business pictures or logos and using more toned down colors and simple fonts.

Using simple fonts for important events make it easier and clear for the audience to read important information so I certainly wouldn’t use this font for business use.