Pin away!

For my final post I decided to look at a website that I frequently use-Pinterest. After talking so much in class over the semester about layout and visual appeal I figured Pinterest was a good website to talk about. I as you can see in the photo have a Pinterest account, which I enjoy updating on a regular basis. Therefor, I am an active user and enjoy the website’s layout and functionality.

I like how alignment plays a huge role in the design of their website. As you can see, nothing is just placed any which way- everything that a set place and a set purpose. When ‘pins’ are longer than other pins the shorter ones will weave in around it to eliminate wasted space. This can be seen in this photo towards the left hand side.

Pinterest also uses proximity and groups like things with each other. Under a tab at the top of the web page you have the option to decide what category you would like to look at, view the most popular or random pins. This gives the browser options as to what he/she wants to look at or try and find on the website.

Pinterest is a great way to look up new recipes, craft ideas or to just kill some time. I think that it has functional, recreational and has business purposes. Functional purposes would include those who just want to find a new recipe or craft project. Recreational are those who just want to look at all the pretty things. And finally many businesses, especially clothing companies, are now using Pinterest to share their new pieces and promote their product.

Excuse me, while I proceed to go back to happily pinning!


– Paige Reidpinterest

Funny Advertisement

After my last post, which was about bad advertising, I found this ad, which I thought, was pretty funny. I thought this was pretty effective ad and it made me laugh when I first seen it. It shows a man to appears to be tearing the corner of the billboard with his teeth. The ad also shows the under pieces of the metal framework of the billboard structure ‘stuck’ to the underside of the billboard that the man is tearing with his teeth. I thought that this was neat touch.

In the bottom left hand corner of the ad we can see the product, which is called ‘Formula’ that looks to be a form of toothpaste that helps to ‘build strong teeth’. I like how the actual product is relatively small compared to the ad as a whole. As it was mentioned in class some company’s can have ‘logoitis’ where they want to put their logo everywhere in an ad. I feel that this ad is more effective because at first my eye is drawn to the man’s head and teeth. Then my eye travels downwards to the actual logo because I was thinking ‘what is this for’ then saw it and figured out the ad as a whole.

I think this ad would be harder to create than others in the aspect of the metal ‘under’ the billboard that is being ‘ripped up’ by the man. This looks difficult because the advertisement appears to be lined up with the actual metal framework underneath. This probably required a lot of measurements and precision to make it look the way it does.

Overall, I do like this as a whole and found it rather amusing.

– Paige Reid funny

Controversial Ads

This is named as one of the most controversial ads that were ever made and it was created by Ford. Ford as we all know is one of the dominant car players in the world. I thought that it was extremely unacceptable that this ad was ever even run.

 This ad shows three women tied up in the backseat with the trunk door open. Each woman can be clearly seen with something tied around her mouth, and with her limbs tied with rope. Behind them is another woman who appears to be in the front seat- winking at the viewers. In the bottom left hand corner of the ad it says ‘Leave Your Worries Behind’.


Where do I even start with how I feel about this ad? Lets begin with how the people in the backseat tied up look like Kardashians. Or how about the fact that there are even people tied up in the backseat. What message if Ford trying to portray with advertisement? Personally, all I can think about is how inappropriate it is and how it symbolizes rape and kidnapping.

It blows my mind to think that an advertisement such as this was even given permission to be published. To even further this disgusting ad Ford also ran an Italian version, which consists of the same image with different cartoon people in the advertisement with a man in the front seat and a red coloured van.

I think that this version is actually worse than the American one- if that is even possible. Simply because the woman who are tied up in the Italian ad are in much more provocative clothing. This insinuates different messages to the viewer, but each person will interpret each ad differently. However, personally I am not a fan of either.


– Paige Reid ImageImage

Brand Recognition

            After our guest speaker in class and the slides about brands I found this photo that represents some of the top brands in todays marketplaces. So what exactly do these brands represent? Well someone will look at the Apple symbol and instantly know what is stands for, but what that symbols means to one person may be completely different from another person. For example, I am a proud Mac user, love the brand and product, however I know many people who dislike Apple for various reasons. Therefor, if I see the Apple symbol I would have stronger ties to the branding than someone who dislikes the company.

            How much are these brands worth? That question to me is mind blowing. These brands are worth astronomical amounts. The Coca-Cola brand is said to be worth billions of dollars –billions. For a brand name that seems a bit insane. Then again think about how well recognized, protected and how revered around the world that name is. When put into perspective that makes a little bit more sense.

            Many more well known brands can be found in this image such as the Nike’s checkmark, Starbuck’s symbol and golden M for MacDonald’s. We today as consumers are so immersed in brands and brand recognition it is kind of crazy. If you have every seen the movie Super Size Me, the man who conducts the crazy Macdonald’s diet interviews several children at one point in the film. He sits kids down and asks them if they recognize fast food brands and other various things. It was heartbreaking as a viewer to see that all of the children recognized that big ‘ol golden M for MacDonald’s but most of them didn’t know who a picture of man called Jesus was.
            Pretty terrifying when you think about it, huh? Marketers today are certainly doing a good job of constantly bombarding us as consumers with their brands and logos.


– Paige Reid Image

Cool Postcard



In reference to the March 5th PowerPoint I remember talking about postcards and their purpose, form and function. I found a picture of this postcard on Google and I thought it would be a perfect example to talk about. This original message of this postcard is lost because the plan has already been built, however, it can be assumed it has to do with sending mail on a plane.

            The purpose of this postcard is to engage their clientele and for the people receiving this postcard to simply not just throw it in the garbage. The amount of spam email and junk that people receive in the mail today; marketers are constantly struggling to find new ways to stand out. This was talked about recently in another class, direct marketing, and this postcard is a perfect example. It engages the consumer and allows the person to build it into a little wooden airplane after the postcard has been read/looked at. Even in it’s built airplane form the overall message of the postcard can still be understood.

            The form of this postcard is the wooden material in which it’s built. While the postcard is a typical ‘boring standard layout’ around the parameter of the card, the inside has punch-outs to create an airplane. Thus, creating an interesting, fun and interactive postcard for the consumer.

            The function of this postcard, as with any postcard, it to be actually read- and even better acted upon. This postcard is more than likely advertising a mail company and they want consumers to send their mail through them. The overall function of this postcard would be for consumers to send any future mail through this company.  

– Paige Reid 

Business Cards



After our discussion in class about business cards, it made me become more aware of how they are laid out and how much can fit into such a small space. Recently, I started my own business with a network marketing company called Arbonne. Since then I have been looking a lot more closely at business card layouts and how they look.

This is just one design that I found off Google of an Arbonne business card, and it is quite similar to the layout I will be ordering soon. However, the thing I dislike the most about this card is how the Arbonne symbol is cut off on the left hand side. I think that the companies symbol should be properly displayed in a clear and full manner. The layout that I will be getting my cards done in fully shows the symbol and has a design on the back of the card as well.


My favourite part about this card is the words across the bottom “Beautiful Botanicals. Beautiful Science. Beautiful You.” I like this because I feel it accurately describes the company. Arbonne prides itself on its 100% pure and natural ingredients that are used in their products.  They are made in Switzerland everything they carry from a face wash to a protein shake will benefit your skin or health in some way. That’s why I like the saying on the bottom of this card because it appears to sum up the company in a matter of six words.

– Paige Reid   

You say I’m a dreamer…



            “You say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one” is one of my favourite quotes by John Lennon. I, personally, love the way that this image is designed for several reasons including the font, the layout and the images used. The font I find is large and clear so that it can be easily read. I find that sometimes in quote images that are generally found on the web the text is often jumbled or smaller and more difficult to read. This follows in with the typography slides where is talks about font size, point and typeface that are used this image uses.

            The layout of this photo uses a centered format, while we are discouraged to use centering for fear of being too boring or standard- I feel this format works well for this image. I feel like the centered text aligns well with the overall tone image and helps to blend the text into the images.

            The three main elements used in this image are the sky, moon and ocean. The colour scheme of the image is black and white, which works brilliantly with how the image flows together. The text in the image can be seen in the sky part of the photo with the ‘one’ from the quote aligning over the moon. The moon is then seen resting just above the horizon of the ocean. This creates a seamless image that flows together. The viewer’s eye will be automatically drawn to the top of the image and the eye will go down as the image progresses downward. To me these are some of the reasons that I am drawn to this image. 

– Paige Reid

Purple trees


I found this photo on Pinterest and I’m also including the original link here:


I thought this photo was quite interesting for several reasons. Firstly, you can see the extreme colour contrast in this image plays a huge factor in why this photo is so eye catching. The purple trees blend so beautifully into the grey rocks, and the bright blue water below. You can see that the editor has also carried the purple tree idea farther away in the photo too because you can see tints of purple off in the distance.


The second reason why I like this photo so much is the way the river acts as a leading line into the mountains. When I look at this image my eye starts at the bottom of the photo where the riverbed is at it’s largest. Then my eye travels upwards toward the top of the photo where the riverbed narrows. Finally, I look up and see the mountains in the background. The way that this photo is done gives this scenery justice to the vast size of the mountains, rocks and riverbed.


The third reason why I like this photo is because of the proximity of all the different elements that are seen within this image. This follows the last principle from the CRAP rules. The rocks and trees are broader at the bottom of this photo, where the riverbed is also larger. As I said before the riverbed acts as a leading line up the centre of the image, as the riverbed does this the trees and rocks because closer together as well creating a closer proximity in the image.


Overall, I really enjoy the different elements, colours and the overall layout of this image and thought that it was a really interested photo.


– Paige

Campbell’s Mm Mm Good

This photo follows all the four principles in the CRAP design. The first, Contrast, can be seen in the bright colours that this photo displays. The vibrant colours behind all the different cans are all bold colours that provide the contrast to make the cans and cause their designs to pop. The second, Repetition, is easily seen by the eight cans displayed in the image. There are two rows of Campbell’s cans showing us four in the top half of the photo, and four in the bottom half of the image. The third principle, Alignment, can also be easily seen by the rows and columns that this photo provides between the cans. The different coloured backgrounds align perfectly with one another causing the contrast to stand out even more. For example, in the first column in the photo the top background is a rusty oranges colour and the row beneath is it a mint green colour. The two colours, when placed side by side do not go together well, it is visually unappealing. However, when placed one colour on top of the other in the context of this photo (and the other colours provided in each column) the two, orange and green, go together. The final principle, Proximity, shows us that the image places ‘like’ with ‘like’. This can be seen with all the Campbell’s soup cans placed side by side, and one on top of the other. The rows and columns that this photo provides help with not only alignment but also the proximity of imagines. Since the cans are so evenly placed in the imagine the proximity of them next to each other is quite visually appealing.  

– Paige Image