Beyonce’s Super Bowl

Aside from Beyonce being the beautiful lady that she is, in this advertisment for the 2013 Super Bowl at the Mercedes Benz Superdome she fills the frame with her duck like pout. Instead of using the rule of thirds, she’s centered in the middle of the canvas as a black and white figure. This draws the eye because of symmetrical value. I like how they’ve made her look like a football player with the black lines on her cheeks (obviously stating the date of the Super Bowl). The color contrast between her skin and lips stands out as the Pepsi symbol, which was a major sponsor of the game. 0130_pepsi-super-bowl-beyonce_650x455

Tinman Release

Website found here:

Website found here:

On a search to find Andy Brown’s upcoming tour dates, I came across this advertisement for his new album (to be released February 13th). As False Alarm has been on repeat in my home for the last two weeks, I couldn’t help but wonder when he would be back performing in the city.


Most of the webpage is black and white – a gray scale monochromatic color scheme if you will. I like the simplicity of a black and white photo and the straightforward, black font that follows. The only bright color on the page is the purchasing option for his new CD and other packages and the thumbnails of his albums, intensifying the need to make a purchase.


The repeating pattern is the separate packages available for purchase. There is a clear indication between different bundles (some consisting of albums and others including Skype dates). They’ve made a point of having bulleted lists for each detailed package deal, adding a newer, more personalized product as the package increases in price. A single ‘Buy Now’ button is attached to each, constantly repeating the pattern.


I find the alignment of the page to change. The words on the picture are centered and on the left of what seems to be an ad depicting his album cover. This throws off the alignment further down the page that is fully left justified.


Everything is placed into neat and organized information packages, which likely works to the advantage of Brown’s sales records. You can clearly indicate what the webpage is about while deciding which album bundle you’d like to purchase. I’d certainly pay $50+ for a Skype date with Andy!

Unfortunately the designer of this page made the ‘continue to’ button barely visible to the average person. As I said, I was hoping to find Brown’s tour dates on this website and became slightly flustered when I thought this was his entire page. It took me some time to find this button and continue on my search.