The Approach to Business Cards


I know I’ve seen business cards over the years that I thought were neat or even fantastic. However, because of my awful memory, they all escape me now so I resort to doing a quick google search to try to find some that jump out at me as being great.

Like most things used to promote or bring awareness to a person, brand or organization, what one does is important to how it is perceived by the public. A lot of it comes down to first impressions and for a lot of smaller businesses or self-employed people, a business card is often someone’s first impression of what you do. Here are a few examples that I enjoy:

Movie Crew business card This one is a mini clapboard in the form of a business card. Awesome for someone who is looking for a career in the behind-the-scenes film industry. The clapboard is used on set of any film to sync video up with audio during the editing process of the film because most of the time, the sound is recorded independently from the video and they have to be paired together afterward. It’s that instantaneous sound made by the clapboard that allows the video editor to ensure everything is perfectly in sync.

Microphone business card This business card takes the shape of a microphone, specifically a radio microphone suggesting that the card’s owner might be looking for a job at a radio station or perhaps a recording studio – one that focuses on recording jingles and commercials. I like this card because, like the clapboard one, it’s simple but it’s also easy on the eyes without sacrificing style. This card tells me that all one really needs to put on a business card is a name, phone number and email/web address.

Clear business card This business card takes on a more standard look except instead of regular paper, it’s transparent. This strikes me as a good idea for someone taking a more general approach to getting his or her name out there. Maybe for an office, some sort of a printing company or even a PR agency. That way, you can go for the standard approach to how the text is formatted and grab attention by the material the text is printed on.