The Smallest Differences

Blue is the colour of the sea, the sky, and probably a few flowers with overly complicated names, but have you ever noticed it’s the king colour for social media?

To illustrate, social media junkies may know what’s the difference between this




and this

Image.  Can you?

Depending on how you use social media, these three variations of blue can mean very different reactions, and the difference between your online identities.

The first is iconic with a small bird – yes, a tweeting bird!  The bright blue sets Twitter apart and adds to its brand identity.  Light and fun, it reflects the purpose of the famous 140 character shout box turned social media platform.

Can you guess the next? Although the colour has changed over the years, this site has remained the top social media, and possible one of the first of the new generation of social media – yup, Facebook!  Although minimally used, this blue acts as the mast head for all pages on Facebook, and despite some outcries to be customized, has remained a staple to the Facebook brand.

Although the third colour may be lesser known, it’s the backdrop for one of if not THE fastest growing social media site in the world – tumblr!  Microblogging at its finest, tumblr’s dark blue shade has become a well known staple for its users, being a subdued and easily matching backdrop to its browsers.

Three sites, similar blues, yet so different!